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The 21st Century Safe School

The goal of the idea is simple. The 21st Century Safe School aids district performance in all ways:  student outcomes, teacher satisfaction and retention and community relationships.

Doing this rests on how our expertise and our products create transformative learning environments, rooted in the best practices of social emotional learning, that help teachers teach and students learn.

We believe in educators

We share your passion for learning. Many of us have been in your shoes, and we understand how important it is to engage students – and how difficult that can be. Engagement is the gateway to unleashing your students’ imaginations. That’s why we’ve spent so much time and energy understanding how to achieve that engagement, and developing innovative ways to help you acquire it.

More than school supplies, we’re solutions for schools.

School Specialty Brands

School Specialty is much more than our product brands you know well, like Sax, Childcraft, Frey, Sportime, Abilitations and EPS. We’re your partner in problem- solving. Working with you, collaboratively, we look at the long game, integrating all our brands and their products, services and solutions to help you engage your students and make an impact with them. We’ve spent years focused on this, and this alone, to be your ultimate education partner. Only school Specialty combines unmatched depth of knowledge plus this unequalled range of offering to create places where students can thrive.

The 21st Century Safe School is more than just products.

At School Specialty, we not only provide the breadth and depth of resources you need to create a 21st Century Safe School, we offer professional development that trains teachers on how best to use new environments. And you can look to us for research into ideas and trends in education including funding opportunities that can bring these new learning environments to life.

School Specialty experts deliver professional development in support of the 21st Century Safe School.


Finding and applying for funding for school projects and instructional focus can be a long and tricky process. Let us help.


SSI Guardian
Evidence based school safety training is the single most important component of a comprehensive school safety plan.



Our education experts share current research and best teaching practices on a variety of education topics across content areas.

Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke

Dr. Clarke is a clinical psychologist, mental health consultant, and retired psychology professor who has taught at numerous colleges and universities in Colorado and Virginia. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University and her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia. She is certified in Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) and was ordained as a minister and teacher through Global Change Network, USA.

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Presenter Profile: Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke
Our Unfortunate Reality

Dr. Ken Wesson

Kenneth Wesson is a former higher education faculty member and administrator. He delivers keynote addresses on the neuroscience of learning for educational organizations and institutions throughout the United States and overseas. His audiences range from early childhood specialists to university-level educators. Wesson’s international audiences have included educators and administrative officers from six of the world’s seven continents. His research is frequently published and referenced in Parents Magazine, HealthNet, and the journal Brain World. 

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Presenter Profile: Dr. Ken Wesson
Saber-toothed Tigers and Stressed-out Students

We’re investing in you.

Our role as your education partner is to innovate, to bring you amazing products and services born from bold ideas and new perspectives. We exist to empower you to engage and inspire your students.

School Specialty is uniquely positioned to integrate curriculum, furniture, safety and security, technology, equipment and supplies across the range of all grade levels and all learning spaces, providing a single source solution that is purpose-built to work together and improve outcomes.

We supplement these capabilities with support in acquiring funding, managing environmental project build-outs and delivering professional development to teachers. Because what good is a best-in-class learning environment if you can’t afford it, install it on-budget and on time and help teachers use it to best effect.

Our singular goal:
To help you engage with your students, improving both their capacity to learn and their outcomes – to make yours a 21st Century Safe School

That’s our vision … and we call it the 21st Century Safe School. It’s a place where students are inspired. A place where they feel welcome, where they connect with educators and classmates alike. A place where strong relationships are forged. A place of mental, physical, social and emotional security, where students feel safe and confident to explore, grow and, ultimately, succeed. Using all we know, and all we sell, School Specialty works with you to create the spaces where this transformation can happen.

Let’s make your school a 21st Century Safe School