David Fricke

Vice President – Pricing, Bids and Sales Support​

Mr. Fricke is a proven business and technology pacesetter with repeated success strategizing and leading organizations at the brink of change and growth. Over the last 20 years, he has worked in the education management, transportation, publications, and paper industries, and is recognized for developing cutting-edge improvements, leveraging analytic strategies and solutions, and driving sales to move companies forward.

Mr. Fricke launched his career in Green Bay at Fort James Corporation integrating SAP into their Logistics Operations earning the award for Outstanding Achievement and Effectiveness in the Paper Industry back to back years for Y2K development. He continued integrating innovative solutions at Imperial Supplies in both Marketing and Sales helping lead the company to 7 years of continuous double-digit growth. Before coming to School Specialty, he was at JJ Keller where he led the Analytics and Forecasting group for 7 years integrating SAS into SAP CRM, BI, and foundational sales operations programs.

Mr. Fricke joined School Specialty in 2013 as the Director of Strategic Pricing where he made significant transformations in customer pricing methodology and structure to customer bid and contract strategy. In his current role, he is responsible for the leadership and oversight of Business Analytics, Bids and Quotes team, and the Learning Environments Sales Support team. Mr. Fricke obtained his bachelor’s degrees in Business and Economics from University of Wisconsin Green Bay and graduate degree in Analytics and Risk Management from Stanford.