Transforming More Than Classrooms™

We know that for you, your mission, your calling, is to make sure that when your students walk into school each day, they have everything they need to build their confidence, ignite their imaginations and realize their potential.

But we also know that this is more easily said than done. Crafting the best solutions. Finding just the right products and learning materials. It can take all of your time. And more than your budget.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission, our calling, to help. From curating complete environments to making everyday essentials affordable and easy to order. We offer you solutions for every category from STEAM to safety. And help you secure funding for it all.

Ignite imaginations

We share your passion for learning. Many of us have been in your shoes, and we understand how important it is to engage students – and how difficult that can be. Engagement is the gateway to unleashing your students’ imaginations. That’s why we’ve spent so much time and energy understanding how to achieve that engagement, and developing innovative ways to help you acquire it.

From training to project funding, we’re developing curated solutions for educators

At School Specialty, we not only provide the breadth and depth of resources you need to transform your classroom, we offer professional development that trains teachers on how best to use new environments. And you can look to us for research into ideas and trends in education including funding opportunities that can bring these new learning environments to life.

Professional Development
School Specialty experts deliver professional development to keep teachers inspired.


Grant Assist™
Finding and applying for funding for school projects and instructional focus can be a long and tricky process. Let us help.

Explore your path to possibilities

We help you unlock the promise of a great education with over 150,000 engaging and inspiring products for the classroom, gymnasium, art room, STEM lab, tech center and every space in-between.

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Instruction & Development
Engagement & Activity
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