Transforming More Than Classrooms®

We know that for you, your mission, your calling, is to make sure that when your students walk into school each day, they have everything they need to build their confidence, ignite their imaginations and realize their potential.

But we also know that this is more easily said than done. Crafting the best solutions. Finding just the right products and learning materials. It can take all of your time. And more than your budget.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to engage and inspire, with everything from crayons to curriculum to complete learning environments. We offer you solutions for every category from STEAM to safety. And help you make the most of your funding for it all.

For Every Kid Who Dreams Bigger

For all the kids who set their sights on transforming the world, we’re here to make sure no matter what dream they reach for, they have everything they need to achieve it.

Find professional support in many forms to support every educator.

At School Specialty, we not only provide the breadth and depth of resources you need to transform your classroom, we offer a variety of professional support from in person professional development courses to live and on demand webinars.

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From crayons to comprehensive learning environments, we offer over 150,000 products thoughtfully designed to work together to elevate outcomes and transform not just schools, but students themselves.