Take the next step in your career at an exciting and challenging company that’s dedicated to shaping the future by changing education.

School Specialty is dedicated to changing education for the better. That means working closely with educators, sharing experience, and traveling into uncharted territories together.

Are you ready to make a difference?

“School Specialty is a great place to start and figure out where your best fit is and then have the opportunity to move to that place.”

What opportunity means at School Specialty

You can actively influence what we do and offer

You’ll be encouraged to leverage your creativity and imagination to help us provide innovative products and services to the education marketplace and beyond.

Your opinion matters here

Your opinion matters here. You’ll have the chance to contribute and make a measurable difference through your work, and you’ll have opportunities to interact with executive leaders along the way.

You’ll be encouraged to lead, learn and grow, and to pursue your passion.

Our company thrives on change, and as a result, you’ll have many opportunities to try new things and grow professionally and personally.

We care about the communities we serve, and that includes yours.

We make sure you have the opportunity to make an impact on your community by giving you twenty-four volunteer hours every year to use as you see fit.

We’re a big company, which means you have options.

That’s why we talk about careers instead of jobs. School Specialty is passionate about changing the future by improving the learning experience for one child at a time. If you share that passion, there are a ton of different ways you could help us do that across our portfolio of brands and services.

Let’s see what we can accomplish together.


Imagine what we could do together

“We service the community.
We service the kids.
School Specialty has made a difference.”

Why School Specialty
Access to education is one of North America’s first great innovations. Education has the power to elevate our entire society. It levels the playing field, providing opportunities for children from all economic and cultural backgrounds to uncover hidden talents and unlock their full potential.

We believe schools should be the most amazing places on earth, equipped with nothing short of the best tools and techniques, carefully and deliberately curated and designed to help students reach, dream and succeed. When classrooms transform into places where it’s safe to explore and discover, students flourish.

We believe innovation is essential for unlocking the promise of a great education.

We believe it so strongly that we’ve made it our mission. Our role as the premier provider of complete learning environments is to innovate, to create amazing products and services born from bold ideas and new perspectives. We exist to equip educators with totally integrated, engaging learning environments — places where students can develop mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally; we call this the 21st Century Safe School.

We can’t predict the future. But we’re working relentlessly to shape it by changing education for the better.

School Specialty is dedicated to supporting educators and improving learning outcomes. That means working closely with educators, sharing experience, and traveling into uncharted territories together. To equip educators with everything they need to face the challenges of tomorrow, we’ve built our company to thrive on change and innovation.

We’re not offering jobs. We’re offering opportunity.

Working at School Specialty means you have the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed with purpose. Here, you not only have the chance to contribute and make a difference. You can literally help shape what we do and offer.

Change is part of our daily routine, which means you have the chance to leverage your creativity and imagination every day. You’ll be encouraged to push the envelope, to be a leader, and to innovate regardless of your role. We’re shooting for nothing short of greatness. These aren’t just words, this is how we work. Are you up for it?

We’re determined to positively impact the future, one child at a time. If you share our passion, we need to talk.


National Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
School Specialty employees have insurance coverage effective on the date of hire.

Promise Hours
School Specialty provides each employee with up to 24 hours of paid time per year when volunteering during their regular work hours. This time may be used to participate in enhancing a child’s education or to help with charitable events that support the community.

Gift Match
As an investment in our partnership with educators, School Specialty will match any employee’s monetary or material donation, up to $1,000 per calendar year, to improve classroom, teacher, and student resources.

Product Purchase Program
School Specialty employees can purchase catalog products at special discounted prices.

Education Reimbursement
School Specialty encourages employees to invest in their personal and professional development. To help with that development, School Specialty reimburses employees for 100% of the cost of tuition up to $5,250 per year. The course or degree program selected must be in areas reasonably related to an employee’s current job, or another job within our company.


Award-Winning Wellness Program
National Health, Dental and Vision Insurance – School Specialty employees have insurance coverage effective on the date of hire.

School Specialty earned a Gold Well Workplace Award in 2013 and recertified in 2016 through the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). The award recognizes an organization for its commitment to the health and well-being of its employees. School Specialty’s also part of the Fox Cities Well City initiative, helping the region earn a Bronze award. The Fox Cities was one of only twelve communities in the nation to earn that status in 2013. School Specialty Wellness offers health fairs and opportunities to learn and apply healthy living practices while at work or at home. School Specialty Wellness has demonstrated a long-term commitment to providing the knowledge and support for employees to maintain or improve their overall well-being.

Additional Benefits

  • Paid Time Off – 3+ Weeks Per Year
  • Paid Holidays
  • Multiple Shift Options
  • Company Paid Group Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident and Disability Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Adoption Assistance