What’s the most important thing you can help children realize?

Their potential.

We believe that every child deserves a safe and healthy start: socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Together we’ll make it possible with research-based, developmentally appropriate practices.

Multiple formats to fit your schedule

multiple formats to fit your schedule

Site Based

We’ll send one of our experts to your school to lead a hands-on workshop.

Live Webinars

Join us for a live presentation that includes an opportunity to ask questions.

On Demand Webinars

Watch one of our recorded workshops online whenever it’s convenient for you. Learn More.

A small sampling of our site-based workshops

Here are just some of the professional development workshops we have available. Contact us to explore all the options or discuss a customized option for your school.

Student-Centered Learning Environments

The early childhood learning environment is often referred to as the “third teacher” in the classroom. This just does not happen automatically, but rather through intentional, purposeful planning. In this session, participants will understand basic research-based guidelines for setting up a developmentally appropriate early childhood classroom environment which will allow children to feel safe, gain independence and engage with people and materials to foster learning.

Transitions that Teach

This presentation will discuss the importance of transitions in the early childhood classroom and how to make the most of transition time. We will address key elements for making transitions more successful. Many ideas for teaching early childhood skills via transitions will be provided and participants will leave with some helpful tools to use during transition time in their classroom.

Brain Development in the Early Years: What Teachers Need to Know and Do

Research tells us that the brain develops the most in the first five years of life. Let’s explore how we can use this knowledge to influence our classroom practices, interactions and lessons. During this time, we will learn how to maximize the use of movement and music, improve memory, utilize process over product, effectively scaffold instruction and define what rigor really means in early childhood.

Establishing a Supportive Classroom Climate

Research tells us that children learn best when they are part of a supportive classroom community. Understanding the elements needed to create a positive social/emotional climate will benefit everyone in the classroom and successfully promote children’s learning. This session will help participants gain awareness and develop strategies to create an environment that reflects warm, caring and responsive relationships. This in turn will allow children to develop respect, self-regulation, accountability and conflict resolution skills that can be useful for the rest of their lives.

Beyond the Playground: Creating Outdoor Learning Opportunities

Over the past few decades, children’s experience in outdoor settings has greatly decreased. Children can greatly benefit from increased time in outdoor learning environments, both developmentally and emotionally. We will begin to develop a nature mindset as we look at the factors that have decreased children’s time outdoors. Additionally, we will explore principles of outdoor learning environments and provide strategies on how educators can increase the opportunities they provide for children outside.

Block Play: Stacked with STEAM

One source described blocks as “the tool you can’t teach without.” Join this session on block play to uncover the truth behind that statement. We will discuss the definition of a block, types of blocks, appropriate set-up of the block area, the stages of block play, the STEAM opportunities for children and the teacher’s role in block play. Your participation will lead to a deeper understanding of what STEAM skills children are actually learning through block play and how you can best support them in that learning.

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