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Taught by experts in the field of inclusion, our workshops give teachers the insight and resources to help students with disabilities to learn alongside their peers in a general education classroom. From adaptive techniques for teaching to smart physical design, we’ve got it covered.

Multiple formats to fit your schedule

multiple formats to fit your schedule

Site Based

We’ll send one of our experts to your school to lead a hands-on workshop.

Live Webinars

Join us for a live presentation that includes an opportunity to ask questions.

On Demand Webinars

Watch one of our recorded workshops online whenever it’s convenient for you. Learn More.

A small sampling of our site-based workshops

Here are just some of the professional development workshops we have available. Contact us to explore all the options or discuss a customized option for your school.

This Chair Is Just Right! Understanding Sensory Processing as Part of Universal Design

Apply the basics of good sensory processing and learn how to transform each classroom for success using key design solutions and furniture/equipment selections. Perfect for architects and facilities planners.

Adapted/Inclusive Art

Do you have students with special needs in your art class? Need ideas for more inclusive art lesson plans? This interactive art workshop has creative solutions for inclusive projects, fine motor adaptations, hands-on work stations and more! Perfect for Art Educators.

Sensory Solutions in the Classroom

Learn how to transform your classroom for success and get practical strategies for staying on task, transitioning, preventing meltdowns, and more. A favorite for teachers, therapists, and related service providers.

Inclusive Early Childhood Learning Environments

Learn easy options for setting-up an inclusive EC classroom that will benefit special needs as well as typically developing children. Review of physical/sensory and social/emotional learning concepts for children with special needs will be covered. Novice and seasoned teachers will be able to immediately implement strategies to create a more inclusive learning environment.

Designing and Implementing Sensory Spaces to support Social & Emotional Practices

Now more than ever, all students, not just those with special needs may be facing issues with chronic anxiety and stress. Understanding the physiological and psychosocial impacts fear/anxiety may have on learning is reviewed from a sensory processing perspective. Then discover how creating and implementing a sensory quiet or wiggle space may help support self-regulation/self management as part of SEL best practice. Designed for Counselors, GenEd Teachers, SPED Teachers and/or Related Service Providers.

10 Terrific Tips to Build Strong Fine Motor Skills

This fun, interactive training reviews the basic components of the senses…especially how vision, movement, touch and body awareness (through the muscle and joints) form the foundation for all good fine motor skills. Great for Early Childhood Educators!

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