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Good literacy skills begin early. But to build skills beyond learning simply how to read, literacy education must be a part of every subject, in every classroom. We’ll explore strategies for integrating reading, writing, and critical thinking.

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From The Schoolyard Blog:

  • Meeting Challenges of Vocabulary Instruction for ELLs in Grades K-1

    Teaching vocabulary presents a unique challenge because students in Kindergarten and grade 1 have limited or not-yet-developed reading skills,. Dr. Cheryl Dressler combines read-alouds by the teacher with a variety of visuals, including in-book illustrations, various types of picture-based […]

  • Explicit Literacy Instruction: Systematic Solutions for Students with Dyslexia

    When educators provide explicit and direct instruction for struggling readers, students experience growth in phonemic awareness and their ability to interact with and understand text. Students with reading difficulties, such as Dyslexia, require teachers to adapt instruction to meet their […]

  • Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting Tools for the Classroom

    Fine motor skills involve all of the small muscles of the body. More specifically, it refers to the muscles that control precise movements of the hands, wrists, feet, toes, lips, and tongue. The small muscles of the hands and fingers are the most important for developing handwriting skills. […]

  • Increasing Your Content Area Literacy Success

    Developing your instructional process and helping students to develop literacy skills can seem overwhelming. However, the concepts and practices that allow students to engage with textbooks and in-class readings are the same ones being used in language and literature classes. The key is in […]