Which students can thrive in school?

All of them.

From creating sensory-smart classrooms to helping build strong motor skills, our team of therapists and educators has the insight and hands-on expertise to help your school, facility, or district meet the needs of students with special needs.

Multiple formats to fit your schedule

multiple formats to fit your schedule

Site Based

We’ll send one of our experts to your school to lead a hands-on workshop.

Live Webinars

Join us for a live presentation that includes an opportunity to ask questions.

On Demand Webinars

Watch one of our recorded workshops online whenever it’s convenient for you. Learn More.

A small sampling of our site-based workshops

Here are just some of the professional development workshops we have available. Contact us to explore all the options or discuss a customized option for your school.

Sensory Solutions in the Classroom

Learn how to transform your classroom for success and get practical strategies for staying on task, transitioning, preventing meltdowns, and more. A favorite for teachers, therapists, and related service providers

Practical Inclusion Strategies

Learn specific strategies, principles, and options for setting up an inclusive classroom that will benefit students with special needs as well their general education peers. Ideal for special education and general education teachers

10 Terrific Tips to Build Strong Fine Motor Skills

Review the basic components of the senses – especially how vision, movement, touch, and body awareness form the foundation for all fine motor skills – in this fun, interactive training. Great for early childhood educators

This Chair Is Just Right! Understanding Sensory Processing as Part of Universal Design

Apply the basics of good sensory processing and learn how to transform each classroom for success using key design solutions and furniture/equipment selections. Perfect for architects and facilities planners

A Practical Approach to Multi-Sensory Environments (MSEs)

Get simple tips for setting up your room, keeping data, and training staff, and see examples of basic component pieces and how they work. Great for teachers, therapists and support staff

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