Dear Valued Customer,

As we embark on this exciting new year, I want to take a moment to thank you for your business, your partnership, and your patience over the past year. We value your trust in us and work hard each day to rise to every challenge and meet your needs.

While supply chain issues continue to affect product availability for businesses across the nation, I want to assure you we are doing everything in our power to get your purchases to you on time and we are improving our in-stock position every day.  Additionally, I encourage you to order early as the best way to make sure you have all you need, when you need it.

And as you plan for the balance of the school year, we can help ensure you are well-equipped to meet your objectives. Our dedicated experts are at your service to help navigate available funding sources and find the best solutions that are eligible for funding and appropriate for your state and district.

With our extensive selection of quality products in every category, from crayons to curriculum to complete learning environments, we stand ready to fill your classrooms and fulfill your hopes for a successful conclusion to this school year.

Ryan M. Bohr
President & Chief Operating Officer