Imagine what we’ll do together.

School Specialty has dedicated itself to advancing a simple idea into reality in every school we touch: The 21st Century Safe School. When classrooms transform into places where it’s safe to explore and discover, students flourish. From assistance with funding and best-in-class products and services, to professional development, we’re ready to help you engage your students like never before.

Every student is different, and even though there are proven approaches and best practices out there, ultimately education is about the relationship between a teacher and a student. It’s the culmination of important moments, of personal epiphanies. When classrooms transform into places where it’s safe to explore and discover, dots get connected and things really start to happen. Real personal growth happens, inspiring students to engage and dig deeper.

School Specialty exists to empower you to engage and inspire every student. It’s why we’ve built our company to be the ultimate education partner. We believe in you. And working together, we can make an exponential impact on the lives of your students.

Our singular goal is to provide you with everything you need to create complete learning environments that encourage curiosity and discovery in your students. From assistance with funding and best-in-class products and services, to specialized training and professional development opportunities, School Specialty can help you engage your students like never before.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, we can help you solve it.


School Specialty is the home to the 21st Century Safe School. We are the only company that provides best-in-class products and services, assistance with funding and professional development to create safe, integrated learning environments that support positive learning experiences.



In a work world filled with jobs, we offer opportunity. School Specialty is dedicated to changing education for the better. That means working closely with educators, sharing experience and traveling into uncharted territories together.



Our carefully curated stable of specialty brands provides innovative, best-in-class products and services designed to address the needs of your students.


Your Education Partner

We help you unlock the promise of a great education with over 150,000 engaging and inspiring products for the classroom, gymnasium, art room, STEM lab, tech center and every space in-between.