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Everything School Specialty offers is designed for one purpose – to help students succeed.

We believe every student can flourish in an environment where they feel safe and inspired to explore and grow. We empower leaders with modern educational ecosystems that optimize student outcomes. We create HOLISTIC ENVIRONMENTS, from crayons to curriculum, furniture to technology, our unmatched breath and depth of products work together to create spaces where students can grow mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. We CURATE SOLUTIONS by getting to know a schools challenges and dreams and work with them to curate tailored solutions. This is all informed by our ADVANCED EXPERTISE. We’re constantly seeking out the latest ideas, methods and solutions for empowering educators and advancing modern education. And we’re committed to MAKING A DIFFERENCE. We’re passionate about securing a bright future for all children. To us, success means creating environments that will optimize student outcomes. And we won’t stop until we’ve achieved it.

Our story

Founded in 1959, today School Specialty is the leading provider of educational ecosystems to educators across North America. Our unmatched depth and breadth of products includes everything from learning environments, furniture and equipment, to safety and security products, educational technology, school and office supplies, curriculum and supplemental learning curriculum materials. We offer our own proprietary products from best-in-class brands like Sax, SSI Guardian, Frey, Foss and School Smart as well as some of the most trusted third-party brands in the educational market. We have grown into a company that includes over 70 subject matter experts and other industry thought leaders constantly seeking out and sharing leading edge ideas to advance modern education. This allows us to lead the way in empowering safe and inspiring spaces where students feel safe and inspired to learn and grow. And to successfully transform not just classrooms but students themselves.

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